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Cengage is an American educational content, technology, and services company for the higher education, K-12, professional, and library markets. It operates in more than 20 countries around the world.

A former employee said this in a review: "Very hostile work environment at Cengage. People were in retention then wth using connection became Director all of sudden. No job security no job stability. Over all it was my nightmare job and I am so happy I left there".


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Former Employee - Senior Account Manager says

"Back stabbing- poor management—lack of transparency-no growth unless you are buddy buddy with uppper management"

Current Employee - Senior Engagement Manager says

"few promotional opportunities unless someone leaves the company. zero transparency"

Former Employee - Office Helper says

"no salary for last 2 months"

Former Employee - Senior Content Manager says

"Management = Clueless. Constant reorgs. Lack of transparency. The bottom line, Cengage mid-management is not valued, and career development for people transitioning to new roles is practically non-existent in recent years."

Former Employee - Sales Representative says

"Very high turnover, no job security due to merger"

Former Employee - Factory Worker says

"Coworkers will always bully you."

Former Employee - Content Manager says

"You name it, it’s bad. Leadership cannot stay on track, layoffs are commonplace (they shut down the whole San Francisco office), their business model is broken, the consider themselves a tech company but are woefully behind the times and slow to adapt/evolve, the pay is miserable. I could go on and on, but really why bother? This company is destined to fail."

Former Employee - Project Manager says

"your job is always in limbo, poor communication"

Former Employee - Learning Consultant says

"I sould have left sooner to join a company that provides actual products or services."

Sales Associate (Current Employee) says

"Horrible company to work for! Was a nice company to work for at one time. Constant layoffs and job eliminations!! CEO need to watch over managers. Many managers should be let go, FIRED! They abuse Cengage budgets for their own expenses, and entertainment especially the Facilities Managers! Heard the stories from a bragging manager."

CUSTOMER SERVICE (Current Employee) says

"Company encourages favoritism and does not treat everyone equally. Job duties are not aligned or trained on. No room for advancement unless you are favored. Not based on job performance."

Customer Support Associate (Former Employee) says

"if you aren't the favorite, watch out. seniority means nothing; worked there 4 years before being offered special projects. yet, employees, half my age and seniority were offered special projects almost immediately."

Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"If you dont tell management every day, Hey your doing a good job. Well count yourself out. Management should be telling you how good of a job your doing!!!!!!!! You wont fit in if you dont suck butt with management. Thats the god`s honest truth!!!!!!!Good medical insurance.Have to be not you to get along with managment!!"

warehouse associate (Former Employee) says

"It was good at first but then problems between me and other employees came up and instead of addressing them, the manager ignored them and the lead encouraged it leading to an extremely hostile work environment with one employee coming to verbally attack me during shift in front of the lead who, when I tried to inform him, told me to "mind your own business" (actual words used). Will never go back and will never recommend them to anyone else.flexiable hoursextremely poor managment"

Manager (Former Employee) says

"Don't work here. They don't promote from within, they only listen to external consultants, and there are no raises. The Product and Technology sides of the company don't talk to each other, and there is constant in-fighting to build mini-empires. Women are told to smile and be nicer, respect authority. Personal Space boundaries are not respected."

Material Handler (Former Employee) says

"This place was not a good place to work. They bring temp workes in and tell them they have a fixed schedule,but in reality they do not.they are expected to stay there until the supervisor says they are done regardless of hgow many hours they are there.noneno fixed shcedule"

Learning Solutions Consultant (Current Employee) says

"Multiple re-orgs, direction-less management, prices 30-40% above competitiors, confusing product lines, investment firm/owners are heavily in debt.the people are nicethis company may not even be around much longer"

Enrollment Representative (Current Employee) says

"Management only helps the men. They dont follow thru with what they tell you. Management doesn't even speak to you they walk around with their noses in the air."

Implementation and Training Specialist (Former Employee) says

"There is no job security. When there is a downsizing, upper management saves their friends and fires the most competent employees. One person often has to do the work of three, eliminating the possibility of a personal life. Weekends? Yes, you’ll work them with no extra pay. Good luck with this company."

Content Developer/Project Manager (Current Employee) says

"Some departments have perks, such as Ping Pong tables and gaming areas, but others are miserable places to work. Those departments offer no opportunities for advancement, unless you know the right person, and almost no salary increase. Hours are long and little oversight on management. The stress levels can be overwhelming and there is a constant threat of layoffs.limited work at homeNo advancement opportunies, erratic perks"

Product (Current Employee) says

"Annual reorganizations, failing industry, substandard technology. Nobody in upper management seems ready to face reality and there is a level unease that permeates all of the campuses."

Content Manager (Current Employee) says

"This is not a good time to be working in higher ed publishing. All of the companies are in seemingly irreversible revenue decline because the industry is being disrupted by smaller players as students and professors are moving away from the big publishers for their classroom content. Cengage has tried to reverse declines by going digital and now discounting their product heavily in a subscription package. Nothing seems to stem the tide and you feel it as an employee working here. Job and wage cuts are a normal part of life as are row after row of empty cubicles. This must be what working at a company like Kodak was before they went bankrupt (which has happened once at Cengage). Its just completely demoralizing and seems like our days are numbered. We are the dinosaurs waiting to go extinct.Good parkingLow wages, salary cuts, job cuts, clueless management, demoralizing work atmosphere"

Sr.Linux system administrator (Former Employee) says

"Very hostile work environment. People were in retention then wth using connection became Director all of sudden! No job security no job stability. over all it was my nightmare job and I am so happy I left there."

Customer Support (Former Employee) says

"People are treated differently based on how often they hang out with their supervisors outside of work. If you know how to do something that someone higher up should be taking care of, they'll expect you to do it, no matter how far outside of your job description it is. You can expect veiled threats of termination if you object. You get 'pointed' when you miss even a single minute of work. Every absence is counted against you even if you have sick time available and medical documentation. You can forget being able to schedule any time off to go to the doctor (good luck if you have a disability and need any medical care), and vacation time is non-existent unless you're a supervisor or higher. If you have dignity and self respect or expect to be treated like a professional in the workplace, I'd recommend looking somewhere else."

Sales (Former Employee) says

"The typical day should be on campus from 8:30am-5pm Monday-Thursday. This does not include travel so, expect to be in your car by 5-6am each morning. Management does not wish to hear opinions about any part of organization that is negative. Middle management also has little experience and choose to justify their existence by assigning busy work. I believe that the product side may have a different atmosphere. The roles in sales are also not fully fleshed out and with the recent shrinking of the company there are many roles that have overlapping supervisors- this creates confusion and lack of direction."

Senior Contracts Manager (Former Employee) says

"Unfortunately there is a high turnover and layoffs. This company is not interested in investing in long term employees. There is a noticeable HIGH turnover of employees in the Human Resource Department. Cengage's Head Counsel wears two hats and heads this HR Department as well. This is often counter productive. Cengage is also top heavy with upper management who is out of touch.Talented EmployeesUpper Management"

Stock Control Driver (Former Employee) says

"Worked here for 10 years. Called in one day to be laid off due to budget cuts. Walked me out like I was fired. Made $14.27 per hour after 10 years. Would not take a leak on this place if it were on fire."

Seasonal Warehouse Associate (Former Employee) says

"This is a horrible company to work for. They claim to be disability-friendly, but the truth is they don't care! People go in to work dressed like bums. Parking sucks, management is horrible."

Learning Consultant (Former Employee) says

"Very relaxed atmosphere, which leads to an unprofessional environment. Very low base salaries and very little annual increases. Out of 150 sales reps in the office on average only a handful hit their annual bonus....most managers weren’t very successful sales reps and are very hands off, which that is nice, however, don’t expect to learn much from them. Cengage draws you in with a great work/life balance, however, you typically do not receive your sales goal numbers until after the actual sales year ends... also bonus plan changes EVERY year. 6 years with the company the plan changed every year so you are aiming at a moving target. Not many opportunities for advancement in this office. Upper management will never leave and are very unprofessional. The company has been very unstable for years, look for positions at Cengage competitors. That’s is where most of the quality employees from Cengage have gone. I would definitely not recommend the company there are plenty of sales jobs out there!FlexibleUnstable company, poor management, poor bonus structure"

John says

"What a dogshit company. scamming me out of hundreds of dollars just so I can do my goddamn math homework. Fuck you michael hansen"

BigGretch0480 says


Lexie says

"Cengage needs a lot of work and it sucks for students who have to use it! Here I am trying to take a final and per usual it’s lagging. It does this all the time. I’m so ready to be done with this class and hopefully CENGAGE AND SAM as well"

Martin Mena says

"please google: "Students call for investigation of Arizona State partnership with Cengage" shows so much about our broken school system and horrible, money-hungry companies like cengage. My heart goes out to everyone who has been literally robbed by cengage. I hope you don't give up on getting an education and you persevere with your goals."

Ethen McAllister says

"I recently had the extreme misfortune of having to use Cengage Learning for an I.T. class, and I sincerely hope to god above that I NEVER have to use it again. The training modules are unbelievably boring and I really did not feel as though I legitimately learned a single thing from them. On one of the exams, it was asking me to do tasks that were never even covered in any of the training modules. Several of the tasks had very obviously incomplete instructions. Its buggy and lags like crazy."

Wade Wilson says

"Not user friendaly. Unlimited doesnt wok. I have had to use itt for many classs. Hors of frustration. Waks wasted jusst trying to do basic assigments. Notice all my grammar and spelling errors? That's what it's like using Cengage."

Joshua Webber says

"I could make a better website with my brain amputated, and my fingers scattered across the observable universe. Honestly, every single time I use Cengage I wonder why it's allowed in colleges. The website is buggy, the quizzes are low effort, and the courses are either nonsensical, too hard, or just time consuming to the point of madness."

Nick rubalcaba says

"They promised a quizlet subscription but I could not redeem it. I paid $200 for Cengage unlimited."

Random Nerd says

"I have 2 classes on Cengage, Spanish and Calculus. Calculus isn't too bad on here as you can easily use an online calculator to find the answer yourself if you mess up. However, Spanish is an absolute nightmare on Cengage, especially with fill in the blank questions. The questions don't tell you what you got wrong with the fill in the blank questions, only that you got it wrong. To give an example, one sentence I had to write was "Yo voy a comer con mis padres el miercoles a la una de la tarde." I accidentally typed in "o" instead of "a" in una, so I got the answer wrong, and I thought I had conjugated wrong or used the wrong time of day. Nope, I mistyped ONE LETTER, and the program couldn't even tell me that. Not only are the fill in the blank questions way too long, but the instructions are vague as could be, they use the worst examples possible for their questions, and they can't even tell you if you misspelled something by ONE LETTER. If you have a language class on this stupid program, may God save you."


"I have two classes I need to take on Cengage. They are essential for getting my Associate's Degree. But these people just make me want to drop out of College altogether. Their software is buggy, and my instructors keep giving me zeros on my assignments because they cannot grade them or the software doesn't take my answers. They just keep telling me to contact Cengage customer service, I did that twice. The first time they did not know what to do. The second time, they transferred me to another department, which I was on hold for over an hour with no one answering. I'm going to pray for all you guys currently doing assignments on Cengage, because if my instructors and Cengage are this clueless. I think I might drop out of College."

Not As Bad says

"After spending $120+ (I can't recall the exact amount) because it was required for my class I was not able to get into my book since day one. After having my teacher look into it and after she was unable to help me I was cast away on my own to figure the problem out (apparently the link within canvas would connect me properly to Cengage, surprise! it didn't) after sitting on the phone for almost two hours and letting the lady on the phone take control of my laptop she simply said she couldn't figure it out either, she told me she would forward my problem to the Cengage developers and they would send me an email with a resolution to my problem in no more than three days, that was a month and a half ago and Im sure you can guess I never received an email or email conformation to keep me updated with the issue. Still to this day I have not been able to access my online book or any of the learning material that are required, if I didn't buy this from the college bookstore I would have gotten a refund but I simply cannot do that. This has been an absolutely terrible experience and I can promise myself one thing, if I know that a teacher is using this platform or intends to use this platform for teaching class materials I simply will not take that class as because it is that bad. I have stressed over this issue, I have gotten angry with this issue, I have shed real tears of frustration because of this issue and I have yet to find a solution no matter what I do. In my 20 years of living on this earth I have never wasted my money or my time like I have wasted it on Cengage."

Kevin Barber says

"Cengage (as bad as Pearson) is a terrible company that sucks up to the broken corrupt educational system that is all lies and no help to society. The system needs to burn and from the ashes rise a new education system that lives on with truth, efficiency, and integrity."

lego Businessman says

"fill in the blanks from mindtap sucks you put it in the right thing it says it's wrong now you got to figure out why this wrong or how is it wrong and even if you put it the literal right answer its mark it as a wrong they should just stop existing"

TheGuitarist FTW says

"Buggiest piece of s**t program I've ever seen. It amazes me that this was created by a human with an actual brain. F*** Cengage. I despise the fact that this is being required more and more for college courses. If you have any way to avoid it, I suggest you do. This d**n program is guaranteed to make you want to blow your f***ing head off."

Harrison Brown says

"Ok the program is trash. I'm in a power point and word class and whatever I do on the test that is the slightest out of order that I didn't mean to do, it says I'm wrong. Not very fair cause now my teacher has to make a Quizizz or change the settings for the stupid thing."

Stephen Rainey says

"This is just a way for a school to get paid full price for a class and not do anything. I spend more time on the phone with support than I do working on the assignments. The quiz & test assignments have nothing to with what you read or practice. You can study the online crappy text book, do all the activities, read the flash cards, but when you take the tests you a shocked to find out the test has nothing to do with any of what you have done. Good luck if you have to upload a file before you submit an assignment. Every time you do the system gets hung up and breaks. Then you get to talk to their clueless tech support staff. Stay away from Cengage, that are complete garbage."

Anna says

"This company does backroom deals with institutions to monopolize and to rip students of hard earned money. They do not invest into their software that is riddled with glitches!"

Big K says

"I am a College Student who has been dealing with a frustratingly difficult experience with using this app. Sometimes it will force you to go to the subscription portal instead of going straightforward to your student portal. Also, you have to put endless amounts of time to set up Flash in order to log onto to this worthless app! When you fix flash, it takes you forever to reload the application and you have to wait till a few hours or the next day. To top it off, I have a learning disability and using a complicated application such as Cengage will be even a bigger nightmare for students like myself! So I recommend to all Professors, put everything on your regular student portal and save your students time and energy to not use this nightmare of an app! Cengage needs to either make using their app more easier to use, or they just need to go completely out of business!"

Don Jersey Pablo says

"This thirdparty online learning Center is Horrible. It is difficult to navigate and so problematic. God have mercy on you if your School, Collge or University forces you to take course through it."

B J says

"Terrible. I signed up to try a 7 day free unlimited trial to see what might help me study for my exam. I got all logged in, my card was charged, and I happened to look at my account and it says cancel within 4 days for a full refund. I thought that might be okay, so I try checking out what they have to offer, and it’s a frickin’ maze. Everything I need is extra, all upgrades, all for more money. The whole website is a money pit and according to the reviews, the material won’t even help with the exam. I hope I never have to use this company’s books again. I canceled right away, but of course I will probably have to jump through hoops to get my refund. Study the old fashioned way, notebooks and pens are cheap and do the job."

Michael Tremblay says

"Worst online textbook I've ever used. With courses going online due to COVID-19 the textbook is expensive. uninformative, hard to use, and incomplete for my BUS 100 course. A perfect example of this is doing a practice test and you get a question incorrect. It "sources the textbook" but when you go where it sources it often doesn't have the answer. Example: 1) "You got this question wrong on the 4 principles of x" 2) Click source link to see the 4 principles of x 3) Title of page. Read more to find the 4 principles of x 4) Look further down the page. The 4 principles of x were not listed anywhere. If it's in an interactive graphic it doesn't show up either. 5) The test is the next day and you fail HARD!! 6) Thanks Cengage learning. I'd have done better with the PDF and searching myself. You can't even download a pdf of the textbook you are renting from them to take your own notes. They also make searching the textbook impossible. Keywords mentioned in the practice quizzes are also not listed in the Key Terms section either for the chapters."